I just ate a donut. I wouldn't normally begin an entry about fat reduction in this way, but I tend to believe that our preoccupation with foods such as donuts is at the heart of why we also are in desperate need of reduced fat foods. Good gravy.

Speaking of gravy. I am making a yum noise right now. I will spare you the word yum as a single word sentence. To me, the word cannot represent the full meaning of my gravy intoxication. Using the word yum to describe how I feel about gravy would be like saying the surface of the sun is lukewarm. I need many words to describe the intense physical reaction I experience at the mention of gravy. Before every meal, while most people give thanks for food, I take a moment to imagine the dishes before me with gravy poured upon them. And then I quietly say these words to myself: It would be better.

Ah, but yes! It would be. Yet, we know that we cannot enjoy gravy atop every meal. Moderation ripples through our time like a forced mantra that we all do our best to ignore. And here, we turn to you, kingly product developers. You and your unmatched skill are the cork board with which we pin our healthier futures. Deliver us from fatty foods! We implore you!

Though please, stop short of ending my gravy daydreams. Life would be too difficult to face without them.


The Helpless


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