June 17/Springfield, Mo. -- The dairy known for its Splash of Fresh Flavor is debuting five varieties of lactose-free milks.

“We are excited to offer a line of lactose free milk to our customers,” said Gary Aggus, president/general manager of Hiland Dairy. “ We realize there are people in our market area that are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy products, and we had many customer requests for a lactose-free milk from Hiland Dairy.”

The five varieties of lactose free milk that consumers will find on their grocers' shelves include: Hiland Dairy Lactose Free 2% Reduced Fat Milk that offers 37% less fat than whole milk; Hiland Lactose Free Fat Free Milk that is an excellent source both calcium and protein; Hiland Lactose Free Fat Free Extra Milk that promises the taste of 2% without the saturated fat; Hiland Lactose Free Vitamin D Milk; and Hiland Lactose Free Vanilla Almond Fat Free Milk that combines an almond taste with a hint of vanilla. All are available in half-gallon sizes with twist-cap pour spouts.