We keep hearing that we need much less sodium in our diets. Last I heard, the recommended daily intake of sodium per adult is something in the neighborhood of a teaspoon. I suppose I shouldn't be drinking crumbs from an empty sack of pretzels. I shouldn't, but I do. Is this what you call it, drinking? You know, holding a spent bag of salty snacks like a rifle and scanning its emptiness for remaining morsels. You shake the bag to gather the crumbs and then holding a corner from the outside you pull the top of the bag to create a gutter between the crumbs and where you aim to place your mouth. If you have performed this feat before then I apologize for describing in detail what you know so well. If you have not engaged in this activity, I implore you to dump a bag of chips into a bowl and then drink from the bag. Drink away!

No, wait. Refrain from doing so. We're discussing sodium reduction, in products and ultimately in how much we consume as earthly eaters. Go forth, wise product developers! Save me! Save yourselves! Otherwise, we will drown ourselves in the flavor booster called sodium, which we hold so dear.

Your weekly reduction!

Articles and videos concerning sodium reduction in food product development.

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