We've known the benefits of antioxidants for decades, longer. Blueberries, green tea, heck, even some chocolate contains them. Get the old blood moving! In fact, these ingredients have become some meaningful and well-understood by consumers that we expect them to be in food products that wouldn't normally contain them. Why don't potato chips contain antioxidants? Believe me, someone is asking that question. And someone else (you) can answer it.

As we look ahead to 2014, it seems that layering a healthy ingredient matrix into what may be considered an unhealthy, i.e., indulgent product, will continue to be a charge placed upon the working benches of the R&D community. Do they ask for miracles? They do! Can you meet the demand? I believe so.

No resolutions. Let's not set ourselves up for failure. Let's just promise to always work toward figuring it out. That's the pact. I will always attempt to figure it out. And when it is figured out, I will rest. And then I will look around for something else that does not have an answer, and I will tinker until it comes to a resolution.

I know. Who asked?


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