I cannot explain, but the words together, "proteins and enzymes," conjure a super hero duo in my mind. They seem to complement one another in some way, as a super hero duo might. But which is the sidekick? Proteins, at face value, seem like they would play the role of primary hero, while enzymes feel prone to a sidekick role. But how could we come to such a deduction so quickly? Enzymes, those molecules responsible for so many metabolic processes.
How can they play sidekick? And proteins? Please, the basic building block, a sidekick? No. It cannot be.

Perhaps I've introduced an impossible scenario. Proteins and enzymes cannot play the role of a super hero duo. They are equals. Or, perhaps mortal enemies. Is that a relationship deserving of a closer look? Goodness no! They have entirely too much in common.

Well then, let us rest our thoughts on this unsatisfying title: co-heroes. They are co-heroes, making it all possible all of the time. And you, product developers, you wizards in the lab, lord over the co-heroes, arranging them in creative ways, resulting in molecular structures that dazzle.

This is the first time I've ended an entry with the word dazzle.


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