biorgin boothBiorigin used food samples at its FI Europe booth to demonstrate how its ingredients enhance everything they touch. For example, Bionis yeast extracts enhance flavor, body, mouthfeel and umami in processed meats -- all while helping formulators reduce sodium. Snacks helped Biorigin showcase Bioenhance, a line of natural flavors that harmonize taste and increase the intensity of salt perception with actual salt addition. Biorigin used cheese to show how Biogard natural flavor enhances cheese flavor. Biogard also inhibits mold and extends bread shelflife. Biorigin also offers Biotaste, a line of natural ingredients derived from yeast for taste enhancement. Biotaste helps deliver meat, beef, chicken and roasted notes. All Biorigin products are natural, clean label, GMO-free and allergen-free; are certified-kosher and -halal (ISO 9001 and 22000, HACCP); and have full traceability.