I'm a drinker more than an eater. I always have been. When I say drinker, I don't mean a drinker of alcoholic beverages, though I have one now and again. I mean the consumption of liquids over solids. I love drinks. Cold water in a dry mouth. There is nothing like it.

Add some bubbles, some flavors and voila! — the start of a product revolution based on an essential and simple experience. Thirst quench.

One stroll down the drinks aisle at a grocery store and the scope of your work comes into picture. For the love of all that is good, you have been working your tails off developing new beverages. The choices are astounding. In essence, you've allowed individual consumers to quench their thirst in their own way. Some people like water when they're thirsty, others like a soda. Heck, some even like milk!

In any case, you've developed line after line to appeal to individual demands. Bravo!

And now, I offer a collection of articles and videos to help you continue your chase of magnificent beverage formulations. Keep moving!

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Articles and videos focusing on beverage product development.

JV for Gluten-free Beer
US Beverage will be the exclusive national sales and marketing representative for the New Planet beer brand.

Ranking the Alcholic Beverages
Bartenders rank Grey Goose followed by Patron, Jack Daniels, Jameson and Absolut as the most popular spirits brands of 2013.

Coconut Water, Acerola Concentrate
iTi Tropicals offers a new coconut water concentrate product acidified with acerola concentrate.

Green Tea's Antibacterial Potential
Scientists have made a new discovery within a simple cup of green tea.

Navigating the Challenge to Replace FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6 Dyes for Beverage and Fruit Prep Developers

Addressing New Mission Critical Steps In Development of Highly Formulated Beverage Products

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