February 26/Boulder, Col./Marketwired -- New Planet Beer Company, a craft brewer of gluten-free beers, and United States Beverage LLC have agreed on a joint venture to establish US Beverage as the exclusive national sales and marketing representative for the New Planet beer brand, effective March 1, 2014. According to the agreement, US Beverage will utilize its broad network and resources to manage all sales and marketing activities to build the New Planet brand nationwide.

"We are very excited at the opportunity to grow in the gluten-free category with US Beverage's sales and marketing leadership. US Beverage is considered a market leader, and top importer of super-premium and craft beer in the United States. With the addition of our brand to their quality portfolio, we feel that the sky's the limit for New Planet as the gluten-free category continues to grow," commented Pedro Gonzalez, owner and founder of New Planet Beer. "US Beverage helped build an assortment of imported and craft brands during its 17 years of business. We believe that they are the right team, at the right time, to take New Planet to the next level."

J.J. Fisch, president and CEO of US Beverage, commented, "US Beverage is extremely pleased to include New Planet into its portfolio of super-premium growth brands. Pedro Gonzalez and his fine team have built New Planet as a leader in the growing gluten-free category. US Beverage's job is to take the brand to national leadership."

"Our strategy is to position New Planet as the preferred beer brand for gluten-free consumers that look at labels and care about the ingredients in their tasty suds. Our ales are full flavored, all-natural, and 100% gluten free, not to mention vegan, and GMO free by spring 2014," continued Gonzalez.

New Planet Beer Company aims to continue to focus on production management and the development of new and exciting styles within the gluten-free category. New Planet also plans to expand the Boulder brewery to accommodate a tasting room and, at the same time, increase brewing capacity for local specialty beers and draft beer business.