This is one of those things that can surprise you in your work. One day you are at the bench behaving as a proper food scientist, the next you're pouring over legal documents making a desperate attempt to understand new food regulations. Let's hope you have a legal department to sift through new legislation. Certainly there is a middle ground between legal emersion and remaining unaware of regulatory developments. Maintaining a working knowledge of new regulations and claims can help guide your upcoming product development strategies (and eclipse them all together.)

Below, you will find some guidance in this area. Perhaps you'll find developments that you've known about for some time. Maybe you will discover one you haven't come across yet. In any case, you'll find information here to help you determine legal standards for various aspects of food product development. In the end, it's all about safety and quality.

Go forth!

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Articles concerning regulations and claims in food formulations.

FDA Reviews GRAS Status of PHOs
The Food and Drug Administration is currently considering comments on its proposed action to declare partially hydrogenated oils unsafe for food use due to their trans fat content.

Vermont to Label GMOs
Vermont's governor signed a new law that could make the state the first to require labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms.

Claiming High
Barry Callebaut has applied to the European Food Safety Authority to extend its existing health claim to include cocoa extract products.

Consumers on Organics
A majority of consumers think organic produce should not have pesticides (91% of consumers) or antibiotics (86%).

Canada Alters Halal Rules
Canada has amended the Food and Drug Regulations to provide consumers with more information about how food labelled as halal are made.

Consumers and Food Labels
A new poll shows the single most beneficial change to the nutrition label to be a radical design change as opposed to what information is shared.

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