For over 100 years, Colloides Naturels International (CNI), the worlds leading manufacturer of acacia gum, has set the highest standards for product quality and led the industry in innovation. CNI was the innovator in spray drying acacia gum and the first to develop a commercial process for “instantizing” gum for easier use. CNI currently operates the world's largest acacia gum manufacturing plant. The combination of their manufacturing capacity with their excellent raw material sourcing, delivers to customers a high degree of global supply assurance. CNI's expertise in acacia gum is unsurpassed and they have extensive research and technical service labs dedicated to assisting customers with both new developments and troubleshooting. CNI's current focus on nutrition and their commitment to clinical research on dietary fiber, allows customers to benefit from both the nutritional benefits and the unique functionality of acacia gum.

Acacia Gum:
Multi-functional Hydrocolloid

Acacia gum is a multi-functional hydrocolloid that is truly “all natural,” with no chemical or enzymatic modification during processing. Acacia gum, also known as gum arabic, is used a variety of food applications including beverages, emulsions, confectionery and nutritional products. When added to products, acacia gum can enhance mouthfeel, lengthen shelf-life, and more effectively deliver flavors and colors. CNI has an extensive product line of acacia gum based products which are specifically tailored for certain applications. Proprietary hydrocolloid blends also complement the CNI product line by combining the proven functionality of acacia gum with the added benefits of xanthan, proteins, and other hydrocolloids. CNI's acacia gum is GRAS, GMO-free and is available with organic certification.

The Future of Fiber

Building on their long history of technological advances, CNI has brought acacia gum to the next level with Fibregum™.

  • FIBREGUM™ is an all-natural, highly functional source of soluble dietary fiber, offering a guaranteed minimum of 90% soluble fiber on a dry weight basis (AOAC method).

  • FIBREGUM™ offers bifidogenic properties proven through in-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies.

  • FIBREGUM™ provides multiple sources of value by combining nutritional fiber fortification with technical functionality.

Food formulators will find that FIBERGUM™ is easy to use and can assist in obtaining the desired level of fiber required to support a fiber claim according to FDA regulations.

Add the unique value of FIBERGUM™ to your products, call CNI today for more information: 800-872-1850.

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