Stability and Texture

Specifically designed for optimum functionality in food applications, two new texture systems offered by ISP provide superior stability and mouthfeel—without adding unwanted viscosity. Stabileze® NB100 is a unique system developed especially for the challenge of stabilization and heat treatment in nutritional beverages. Textureze™ SD200 works to provide rich and creamy mouthfeel, exceptional flavor release and excellent cling characteristics to sauces and salad dressings, even low-fat versions. ISP Food Ingredients, Sharrann Simmons, 973-628-4103

Chlorophyllin in Citrus Juices

Sodium copper chlorophyllin from alfalfa has been approved by the FDA for use as a colorant in powdered citrus juices. Freeman Industries LLC has added the ingredient to its line of natural colors. Freeman chlorophyll colorants are derived solely from plants raised for human consumption such as alfalfa, parsley and spinach and are free of organic halogen residues. The company also sells other natural powders for coloring, such as alfalfa, sweet green pea, spinach (green); tomato, cranberry and red beet (red); and annatto and beta carotene (yellow). Freeman Industries LLC, Joel Freeman, 914-961-2100,,

Microencapsulated DHA powder

A manufacturer of DHA derived from vegetarian sources (algae) has expanded its line of products to include a new microencapsulated DHA powder. The product uses a dairy (milk) protein matrix containing 8% DHA. This new product will be marketed primarily as a food ingredient, specifically for use in dry foods such as nutritional bars, cereal and bread. Martek Biosciences Corporation, Doug Stark, 443-542-2130

Instant Calcium Caseinate

Fresh Curd Instant Calcium Caseinate is a spray dried milk protein manufactured in Australia directly from fresh skim milk. Characterized by a bland flavor, this product is especially suited for use in nutritional and pharmaceutical applications. The caseinate is dispersed easily even in cold liquids and is manufactured continuously to produce a uniform and consistent product with an extremely clean microbiological profile. Erie Foods International Inc., 800-447-1887,

Eat Them Alive Redux

Interest in probiotic bacteria and the benefits associated with them, from immune enhancement to improved digestive health, are on the rise. It is difficult for these beneficial organisms to survive the harsh environment of food processing and storage, however. As reported in the NutraSolutions supplement of our July 2002 issue (page NS17), Institute Rosell/Lallemand provides an answer in the form of encapsulated probiotics, which can be used as a food ingredient. A chart within that article was presented, showing encapsulated L. acidophilus ROO52 ME exhibiting much greater viability compared to an unencapsulated control. However, the survival curves were reversed. A corrected version is shown here. Also see For more information, contact Joanna Wozniak at 514-858-4618,

Whey Protein Isolate Reduces Hypertension

About 80 million Americans and Canadians suffer from hypertension, an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Generally, the condition responds to lifestyle modification and diet therapy. A clinical study conducted at the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with Davisco Foods International, studied the anti-hypertensive effects of a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate supplement, BioZate 1®, produced by the company.

In a study of 30 unmedicated, non-smoking, borderline hypertensive men and women, the subjects were given a 20g dose of either the hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, BioZate 1, or the unhydrolyzed whey protein isolate control, BiPRO®, for a period of six weeks. The participants, who were not told which group they belonged to, were instructed to take their protein dose daily with water, while maintaining their normal lifestyle habits. They reported each morning for blood pressure checks, blood draws, side effect assessment, diet assessment and general monitoring.

The results showed a significant drop in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure after one week, which persisted throughout the study. Compared to the control, the hydrolyzed whey protein isolate group reduced systolic blood pressure 11mmHg, and diastolic blood pressure 7mmHg.

Based on these findings, BioZate 1 appears to reduce blood pressure in untreated, borderline hypertensives. The company says more research is needed to determine the mechanism of action and to confirm these findings. The study was published in Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 2002, Vol. 16 (Supplement 1): 68. Davisco Foods International, Polly Olson, 952-914-0400,

New Chargrill and Liquor Flavors

Formulators looking for flavors to entice customers have several new choices. WILD Flavors Inc. has developed a new vegetarian chargrill flavor that offers the unique “straight from the grill” flavor. It is available in liquid or dry form and is applicable for processed meats, condiments, sauces and side dishes.

Additionally, to help formulators take advantage of the trend of using liquor in culinary formulations, the company has presented a line of user-friendly liquor/alcohol flavors, and unique applications. The concepts and flavors mentioned here—all offered by the company—help demonstrate WILD's extensive flavor capabilities: Bourbon Walnut Vinaigrette, featuring Natural Bourbon Whiskey Type Flavor; Tequila Lime Marinade, featuring N&A Tequila Lime Type Flavor; Red Wine Balsamic Vinaigrette, featuring Natural Burgundy Wine Flavor; and Tavern Marinade, featuring N&A Beer Type Flavor. Formulations and samples are available. WILD Flavors Inc., Donna L. Hansee, 859-342-3526,

New Certified Organic Starches

Soy-based yogurts are increasingly popular among mainstream consumers. However, consumers may find as unacceptable the texture of such products, which differ from milk-based products. “Thin viscosity, graininess or sliminess may result from under-stabilization or the excessive use of gums. Gums add viscosity and some body but often with excessive cohesiveness,” suggests National Starch. The company provides NOVATION® 9330 or NOVATION 9360, functional native, tapioca starches as an alternative. Additionally, Quality Assurance International (QAI) has certified these starches, making them ideal thickeners for products labeled as 100% organic. National Starch, 800-797-4992,

Floral Flavors for Females

A line of flavors with floral profiles called Spa Floral™ Flavors, which blend with fruit flavors, has been developed. The flavors are ideal for use in products with female appeal such as beverages, yogurts and other applications. The line includes flavors such as Orange Blossom, Linden, Jasmine, Lavender, Mimosa and Violet. Robertet Flavors, Gretchen Schleck, 732-981-8300

Isoflavones Treat Alcoholism and Neurological Disorders

ADM announced that it has been awarded its fifth and sixth patents in a series of patents that utilize concentrated isoflavones in combination with other plant-derived phytochemicals. U.S. Patent No. 6,399,072 describes “Method of Preparing and Using Isoflavones for the Treatment of Alcoholism,” used to treat this disease. U.S. Patent No. 6,391,310 describes “Method of Preparing and Using Isoflavones for the Treatment of Neurological Symptoms.” This patent covers a composition used to treat mental conditions and nerve problems, especially neurological symptoms, immunological symptoms, migraine headaches, inflammation and dementia. These patents cover plant-derived compositions enriched with at least two phytochemicals from a group consisting of isoflavones, lignans, saponins, catechins and phenolic acids that can be used in the treatment for both types of illnesses. ADM, Tony DeLio, 217-424-5413,

Low-Viscosity, High-Protein Soy Product

A new tool to help developers include dietary fiber and protein while maintaining the texture properties of nutrition bars and breakfast cereals is available in the form of Soyarich® 3235. The product, which also can be used in beverages, has an excellent mouthfeel, low viscosity and high levels of calcium. It has good dispersibility and contains low levels of sodium compared to most other soy proteins; it is a good source of high-quality proteins and dietary fiber. Central Soya Company Inc., Gary Wilson, 800-348-0960

Sidebar: Organic Hemp Oil Rich in Key EFAs

An ever-increasing number of studies show essential fatty acids (EFAs), such as omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-3 linolenic acid are essential to good human health. Studies also have demonstrated that many common illnesses are related to EFA deficiencies and that dietary supplementation with EFAs or their metabolites often will prevent or even cure these illnesses. EFAs from hemp or flax help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Additionally, EFAs play an important role in reducing heart disease, depression and PMS.

Recommendations by health officials with the World Health Organization, Health Canada, Japan and Sweden are four-to-one ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. With a ratio of at least three-to-one, hemp oil is the closest to this range of any naturally occurring oil. Excess trans-fat, a form of harmful hydrogenated fat from sources such as deep-fried food, often blocks the body's metabolic processes. Replacing trans-fats with hemp oil corrects EFA deficiency and improves metabolism.

Hemp oil has a content of 80% polyunsaturated fat, the highest ratio of “good fat” of any vegetable seed oil. Hemp oil also is a unique plant source of a rare omega-6 EFA called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) as well as a rare omega-3 EFA called stearidonic acid (SDA). Modern-day diets and sluggish enzyme activities often impair the synthesis of GLA in the body, which may cause GLA deficiency. GLA is associated with hair and nail growth and can reduce inflammation of joints. GLA also is the key regulator of T-lymphocyte functions in the immune system and is involved in cell metabolism and growth.

Nutiva offers healthy hemp and flax foods including nutritious hemp and flax food bars, hemp oil and capsules, and shelled hempseed. The company's products can be found in stores such as Whole Foods Markets and Wild Oats. Nutiva, 800-993-4367,

Sidebar: Million-Dollar Grant to Study Vitamin E

The National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke of the National Institute of Health (NIH) has awarded in excess of a million dollars to fund a study on how alpha-tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E, helps protect against inducible neuronal cell death. The award is based on preliminary data generated using Carotech Inc.'s Tocomin® Full Spectrum Tocotrienol Complex. Previous research on Tocomin has determined that tocotrienols cross the blood-brain barrier, and are potent protectors of neuron cells that may be killed due to stroke and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The research team will be headed by Chandan K. Sen, the director of the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine at The Ohio State University Medical Center. His earlier studies have found that minute amounts of palm-derived alpha-tocotrienol, from Tocomin, blocked glutamate-induced nerve cell death. Glutamate toxicity is a major contributor to pathological cell death within the nervous system.

The NIH-funded study will look at the mechanism by which alpha-tocotrienol exerts its neuroprotective action. It will lay the foundation for a safe and efficient approach to preventing cell death and securing normal neural function under challenging conditions.

Vitamin E is a generic term for both tocopherol and tocotrienol derivatives. There are significant differences in their chemical structures that make them act very differently in humans. Carotech Inc., W.H. Leong, 732-906-1901,

Sidebar: Bland-Tasting Soy Protein Isolate

This new high-gelling, high-viscosity soy protein isolate can be formulated to produce excellent meat substitutes that have a meat-like texture. Cargill Soy Protein Solutions' bland-flavored isolate also allows meat processors greater choice in meat raw material for their products, potentially reducing formulation costs. Cargill Soy Protein Solutions, 866-SOY-PROT,

Sidebar: Free Training in Culture Use

Chr. Hansen, Inc., North American headquarters in Milwaukee, will be hosting Cultured Dairy Products Training Seminars. These one-day seminars will include information on the usage of bacterial starters, bacteriophage control, and general information on the manufacturing of cottage cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream and cream cheese.

The training is focused toward everyone in the cultured dairy industry, specifically Quality Control, Research, and Production personnel. Chr. Hansen's technical service team will lead the seminar sessions. The seminar is free of charge.

he seminars are scheduled for October 22, 2002 in Dallas, Texas, and October 24, 2002 in St. Louis, Missouri, with additional seminars throughout the U.S. in next 12 months. Chr. Hansen Inc., Marilyn Stieve, 800-558-0802, ext.5885,