Prepared Foods October 3, 2005 e-newsletter

According to a packaging trends report by the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), Americans continue to favor traditional packaging, including metal cans, in their food and beverage purchases and continue to consider the metal can the safest of all containers.

The report includes findings from a consumer telephone survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by Caravan for CMI. While the metal can ranks among the three most-trusted formats, busy consumers want future metal-container innovations to keep up with their desire for simple, easy-to-use and convenient packaging.

"This packaging trends report captures a moment in time," says Robert Budway, CMI president. "The metal-packaging industry is in the midst of a dynamic change with breakthrough innovations -- easy-to-use containers with twist-tops, resealable metal lids, pull-tab lids and peelable opening systems -- representing an exciting new chapter in the venerable food can's 200-year life."

Seven-of-eight Americans surveyed (88%) said they favor traditional packaging -- metal cans, glass and plastic -- over paperboard packaging and pouches. More than 60% favor metal cans over either of the other newer packaging types. Metal cans also are rated more often than paperboard or pouches as best at keeping nutrients without preservatives.

Food safety persists as the biggest packaging concern among Americans, with nine-of-10 survey respondents acknowledging they worry about the safety of their food. Americans continue to consider the metal can the most tamper-evident packaging, with 68% listing the can, followed by glass bottles or jars (65%); plastic bottles or jars (63%), paperboard packaging (54%) and pouches (53%).

Some 86% of respondents listed metal cans as recyclable, beating paperboard and pouches (67% and 33%, respectively).

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