May 2004 Issue--All potato lovers know what mashed potatoes have, and lots of them: carbohydrates. A serving of mashed potatoes (22g dry potato flakes) provides 18g of carbohydrates, or 80% of its total weight. With the growing popularity of low-carb/high-protein diets, potato lovers following the diets would need to give up their favorite food.

MicroSoy Corporation (Jefferson, Iowa) has developed an innovative idea to reduce the carbohydrates and increase the protein content of potatoes, while preserving the potato flavor at the same time. The secret? A special type of soy ingredient: MicroSoy® Flakes.

MicroSoy Flakes are all natural, non-GMO and identity-preserved. The flakes are made from dehulled soybeans, without the use of solvents and additives. The soybeans are dried, cracked and rolled into a thin flake. MicroSoy's own research and development center has tested the blending concept. Commercial potato flakes were blended with MicroSoy Flakes and prepared using the same preparation instructions found on commercial instant mashed potato packages. A 26% reduction of carbohydrates (37% reduction in net carbohydrates) and 3.5g of soy protein can be achieved by substituting 40% of potato flakes with the soy flakes. (See “Soy-substituted Spuds” chart.)

What do consumers think of this idea? They would not know the difference. Based on the consumer panel (n = 44 panelists) conducted at Iowa State University (Iowa City, Iowa), participants reported the flakes could be added up to 40% without objectionable soy flavor, texture and appearance.

“Among the many advantages of blending MicroSoy Flakes with potato flakes,” says Safir Moizuddin, R&D manager at MicroSoy Corporation, “is that the addition of all-natural soy into the potato, at a certain level, creates a product that can be low-carb without reducing the portion size.”

“In addition,” says Moizuddin, “it is easy to produce, since both product ingredients have similar specific gravities. The combination provides excellent taste, flavor, and color.” The flakes provide a natural yellowish or light tan appearance to the finished mashed potatoes. Cheddar-bacon, garlic-parsley and sour cream-chive are some of the flavored, ready-to-eat, instant mashed potatoes developed by MicroSoy.

MicroSoy Flakes are available in both toasted and untoasted forms, depending on their applications. The untoasted flakes can be used as an ingredient as well as in the production of soymilk and tofu. The company claims the toasted flakes have no soy flavor, due to its special toasting procedure, and that the flakes possess, instead, a smooth, sweet-nutty flavor. The toasted flakes are available in various thicknesses and toasting levels. The flakes can be used in processed meats, pancakes, hot cereals, cereal bars, salad toppings, hummus, cheesecakes, breads, soups, sauces and fried rice applications. MicroSoy Corporation's R&D center continues to develop new and innovative applications for MicroSoy Flakes in various food systems.

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