Using dairy-based, value-added ingredients helps save production costs and time.
Finding a method of flavoring and creating foods with a homemade feel that both satisfy the consumer palate and work in the context of proprietary formulation and production methods can pose a big challenge for food companies.

The R&D kitchen and nationwide production facilities of Darifair Foods Inc. (Jacksonville, Fla.) are producing products that satisfy both of these demanding standards. Darifair's compound butters, mashed potato blends, French toast batters and cream replacer products meet the challenges posed by both the foodservice and food processing markets.

The company's compound butters are formulated with a butter, a margarine or a combination base that serves as a “carrier” for the infusion of herb, spice, citrus or other flavorings for meat or seafood entrées, as well as breakfast applications in which a buttery-textured flavoring and consistency are needed. Compound butter flavors range from the savory, such as Dijon-herb and roasted garlic, to the sweet, such as blueberry-maple and candied ginger peach.

In foodservice, these compound butters are used to add flavor and variety to lunch and dinner dishes such as shrimp scampi, chicken Kiev, tuna and steak, and breakfast applications like French toast. Darifair's kitchen has even developed a full line of French toast batters to make this important menu item a turnkey foodservice solution. By mixing and matching various batters and compound butters, foodservice operations greatly expand their menu options for consumers.

“In addition to the applications already developed for foodservice, we're developing ways that processors can waterfall apply such products as our Daricream S-40 cream replacer on products for ease of operation,” says Scott Brank, director of food science at the company. “And we've made great progress with products like our garlic butters for catalogue food company applications.”

Butters with compound flavors complement most center-of-the plate items, and offer manufacturers a way to differentiate their products.
The intense flavors of the compound butter blends are achieved through the use of multiple-strength ingredients complemented with stabilizers to help shape product consistency and enable them to work effectively with special preparation, processing, cooking techniques and temperature settings. Consistencies are adaptable to the user's needs and the blends are shipped to the customer in a frozen state.

Another product area where Darifair Foods meets the needs of both the food processing and foodservice markets is in dairy-based blends for mashed potato applications. These all-fluid blends take cost and prep time out of frozen and fresh mashed potato products for both markets. By incorporating varying proportions of top-grade milk, butter, margarine, salt, pepper and other spices and ingredients such as garlic and cheese flavorings, the mashed potato blends are formulated to easily mix into fresh, frozen or dehydrated potatoes.

“Our blends give processors the opportunity for a continuous flow process approach, instead of a less efficient batch process,” Brank explains. “We save them time and money. They don't have to go through the process of melting butter, applying seasonings and using a separate liquid delivery system. 60-70% of the cost of producing mashed potatoes is the dairy component. We are able to provide our customers with significant cost savings.” For a full list of the company's products, visit

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