A great-tasting, reduced-carb soy ingredient the under the Nexsoy[r] brand name has been introduced by Spectrum Foods Inc. (Springfield, Ill.). Nexsoy low-fat soy grits and soy flour were developed for applications such as low-carb tortillas and tortilla chips, pretzels, extruded snacks, breads, dry baking mixes and pasta products. The Nexsoy soy/rice “nugget” was developed for inclusion in breakfast cereals and nutrition bars. Because the ingredients are produced using a unique solvent-free process, they can be incorporated at higher inclusion rates without affecting taste or texture. The products are available in natural, non-GMO and organic versions.

Nexsoy dry soy ingredients can provide a variety of other functional improvements including increased soy protein content, reduced oil absorption in fried foods, improved water uptake and retention, and improved emulsification. Nexsoy soy flours are available in a variety of PDI (Protein Dispersibility Index) ranges. Spectrum Foods Inc., Nexsoy Div., Rob Kirby, 217-391-0091, rkirby@spectrum-foods.com