Prepared Foods July 12, 2004 enewsletter

The same people who asked consumers "Got milk?" hope to broaden their product appeal with a new question: "Got licuados?"

The new promotion is a bid by the California Milk Processor Board, in partnership with Sunbeam Products Inc., to catch the rising popularity of licuado, a milk-and-fruit blended beverage popular in Latino cultures.

"We think licuados are the next burrito," said milk board spokesman Enrique Sapene. "So we're looking to capture that cultural crossover appeal."

California is the leading dairy state, and the industry established the milk board in 1993 to promote milk consumption.

Sunbeam's Oster brand blenders will be sold with a "Got licuado?" recipe CD featuring celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein.

Neither the milk board nor Sunbeam officials would disclose the cost of the campaign.