Major manufacturers in the breakfast cereal world have taken creative approaches to increase the eating occasions for cereal, driven by innovative advertising campaigns. Kellogg, for instance, has launched the Kellogg's Froot Loops Sweetened Multi-Grain Cereal in Grab 'N Go Cereal Packs, with each pack containing 90 calories. The product retails in a Tear Tab Pantry Pak carton containing eight convenient pouches. No milk is recommended or required. The product is positioned to be eaten as a snack, more like chips or crackers, than a breakfast option. The imagery on-pack focuses on non-breakfast usage occasions, packed in a lunch box or as a snack after soccer practice. If consumers buy into this concept, Kellogg may have found the key to making cereal more than just a breakfast staple and help breathe some energy into a category challenged by the changing U.S. consumer.