Pros of Probiotics

Consumer interest in probiotics continues to grow, as the benefits of the products become more evident. Pierre’s Ice Cream Company has augmented its line with a probiotic item.

Yovation is Pierre’s premium, probiotic frozen yogurt “inspired by the growing consumer interest and popularity of probiotic products and the recognition by the medical community of the benefits of probiotics.” Its formulation begins with traditional live and active yogurt cultures and is enhanced by a probiotic culture, Bacillus coagulans GMI-30-6086. The manufacturer notes the culture withstands industrial food manufacturing, extreme temperatures and product shelflife.

Yovation’s six flavors include Cookie Fudge Crunch, Double Fudge Brownie, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Honey Granola and Vanilla with Hola Fruta Pomegranate & Blueberry Sherbet.

Getting a Boost

Probiotics are not solely the domain of products tailored to adults—far from it. In fact, parents are inundated with enhanced options geared toward their children. The latest comes courtesy of Nestle.

Developed by Nestle HealthCare Nutrition, Boost Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink claims to provide “kids ages 1-13 the power of immune-strengthening probiotics plus complete, balanced nutrition.” In addition to probiotics, the beverage also fortifies a child’s diet with 25 essential vitamins and minerals, 7g of protein (to build muscles), key antioxidants and “244 energy-packed calories.”

The company likewise claims the product is digestion-friendly, “being lactose- and gluten-free,” and contains no high fructose corn syrup. Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, it is packaged in a spill-resistant, easy-to-grip container.

Squeeze Play

What can be done to re-vitalize a mature brand? How can this be accomplished without sacrificing its primary selling points? In the case of orange juice, one company is placing its hopes on reasserting just how positive its effects can be.

PepsiCo’s Tropicana Products Inc. is launching a marketing and advertising campaign for Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice to reinforce the brand and product attributes. For the first time, the product will be branded “100% Orange,” boldly announced in a new graphic that will adorn all packaging. The intent is “to remind...consumers that Tropicana Pure Premium is squeezed from fresh oranges, has no added sugar or preservatives and is the pure and natural choice for their families.” A proprietary fresh cap designed to look like an orange will serve to further cement the brand’s natural health benefits.

The company also announced a new product: Trop50, a light orange juice with 50% less sugar and carbohydrates.

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