On the Street -- Main Street Ingredients’ Promotion

Main Street Ingredients, a manufacturer of food ingredients, is pleased to announce the promotion of Rob Hollnagel, Jr., to sales manager, Contract Manufacturing Group. Hollnagel has played a key role in growing the sales of food ingredients and most recently, private-label nutritional beverages. “Rob has been very successful in various sales roles in his five-plus years at Main Street,” said Mike Homewood, director of sales. In addition, Main Street is excited to revise the structure of the Sales Group.  Homewood now leads the Ingredient Distribution Group, the Contract Manufacturing Group and the Branded Ingredients Group. Main Street’s branded products include Keystone™ stabilizers, Cornerstone™ proteins, Capstone™ dairy and Gemstone™ bakery ingredients. The Health and Nutrition Group, which consists of Sports Nutrition and Health & Wellness, will continue to function under the leadership of Aaron Macha, vice president of sales, who oversees the entire Sales Group. Main Street Ingredients, www.mainstreetingredients.com

From the July 6, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition