Interaction of Dairy Powder Solutions

July 15/Technology News Focus -- "The effect of interactions between dairy powders skim milk powder (SMP), yogurt powder (VP) and buttermilk powder (BMP) on the functional properties of dairy powder mixture solutions (DPMS) was evaluated by using the simplex lattice mixture design to study 15 combinations of the dairy powders. For this purpose, these dairy powders were produced by spray drying," scientists writing in the Australian Journal of Dairy Technology report.

"DPMS were prepared in order to detect the effect of each powder on the functional properties of their mixture solutions. The mixture design approach revealed that SMP increased the pH, protein solubility, water and oil absorption capacity values of DPMS. The foaming capacity and stability values of DPMS were increased by the addition of VP; however, BMP decreased these values," wrote M.T. Yilmaz and colleagues, Erciyes University.

The researchers concluded, "It was concluded that the mixture design could be effectively used to determine the interaction effects of each dairy powder in the dairy mixture solutions. Aust. J. Dairy Technol. 65, 15-22."

Yilmaz and colleagues published their study in Australian Journal of Dairy Technology ("The Effect of Interaction on the Functional Properties of Dairy Powder Solutions." Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, 2010;65(1):15-22).

Additional information can be obtained by contacting M.T. Yilmaz, Erciyes University, Safiye Cikrikcioglu Vocat College, TR-38039 Kayseri, Turkey.

From the July 16, 2010, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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