Kosher Gelato Coming

July 14/Yavne, Israel/PRNewswire-FirstCall -- G. Willi-Food International Ltd. announced that it has introduced to the market a new category of gelato -- kosher Italian ice-cream products, to enhance its already substantial product lineup.

The new gelato category, which Willi-Food began selling in July 2010, represent a variety of Italian ice-cream flavors:
- Cioccolatissimo - Italian Chocolate Gelato with chocolate syrup and triple chocolate curls.  
- Stracciatella - Italian Gelato with chocolate-flavored syrup decorated with chocolate curls.  
- Fragola - Italian Strawberry Gelato with soft strawberries.  
- Vaniglia del Madagascar - Italian Vanilla Gelato with vanilla beans.  
- Cappuccino - Italian Gelato at the traditional Cappuccino flavor.  
- Bacio - Italian Gelato with gianduia syrup decorated with crunchy hazelnuts.  
- Panna Cotta - Italian Gelato with caramel syrup decorated with chocolate flavored curls.
- Tiramisu - Italian Gelato with fresh cream, coffee and sponge cake.

This new category is added to the new series of chilled desserts, such as cream-filled profiteroles, Tiramisu, Panna Cotta Caramel and Tartufu Chocolate, that was recently introduced to the market by Willi-Food.

Zwi Williger, president and COO of Willi-Food commented, "This new launch demonstrates our commitment to developing new, innovative and high-margin food products with careful attention to meeting the special needs of our customers. This is the first time that a kosher ice-cream is manufactured in Italy - co-developed with Willi-Food, all from natural ingredients. As with all our products, this new product line is being produced with the highest standards of quality and great taste."

From the July 15, 2010, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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