DVA America Named Agent for Herbamed

September 21/Weizmann Technology Park, Israel/Press Release -- Herbamed Ltd. appointed DVA America as its exclusive agent for Ultrasome CoQ10 in the Eastern U.S. and Canada.

Ultrasome is a liposomal-like formulation of Coenzyme Q10 developed by Herbamed using advanced drug-delivery technology. Ultrasome’s unique, patent-protected formulation greatly improves the bioavailability of the CoQ10 by combining ubiquinone with a dual layer of phospholipids to create a small droplet (liposome). This liposome protects the CoQ10 and delivers it more effectively to the g.i. tract, where it is more efficiently absorbed. In a clinical trial, bioavailability was improved by up to 10 times compared to standard forms of the coenzyme.

“Ultrasome CoQ10 is highly synergistic to our product portfolio,” says Christian Torske, president of DVA America. “Adding a product with strong clinical support and intellectual property helps us provide a full product-offering to our customers. We are excited about the opportunity of Ultrasome CoQ10 to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.”

“We’re happy to team up with a strong, multinational company like DVA to bring Ultrasome CoQ10 to this vital market,” says David Hart, business development and marketing manager at Herbamed. “Chris is a seasoned executive in the ingredient and fine-chemical industry and has built a strong position for DVA America. This agreement is a win-win for both Herbamed and DVA America, as DVA gains an ingredient with strong scientific support and Herbamed gains a partner with a complimentary product line. This agreement is an important part of our intensive effort to market Ultrasome CoQ10 globally.”

The distribution agreement with DVA America comes a short time after Herbamed obtained distribution in the Western United States. Herbamed now has in place distribution for Ultrasome CoQ10 throughout the U.S. and Canada --providing full coverage of the North American dietary supplement market. In North America, CoQ10 is a leading nutrition ingredient, enjoying a retail market exceeding $500 million.

From the October 4, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition