Muscadine Grape Extract
Bio-Botanica Inc. has developed a powdered extract from red Muscadine grape, which is standardized to at least 10% natural trans-resveratrol. Muscadine grapes are native to the Southeastern part of the U.S. and are among the richest sources of antioxidants and other important constituents, notes the supplier. Bio-Botanica Inc. is a manufacturer of botanical extracts; their professional staff offers expertise in custom extracts and fortifying formulas with the best combinations of natural ingredients and blends to help enhance the natural value of products in various industries, including nutraceutical and food/beverage. Bio-Botanica Inc., 631-231-5522, ext. 138,

Dose of Daily D
Lallemand Health Ingredients recently announced the launch of the latest addition to its LalminÆ range of yeast-based health ingredients: Lalmin Vita D--a dried, inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) containing elevated levels of vitamin D. It is produced thanks to a unique, patented process at Lallemand's yeast manufacturing plants. Standardized to contain 8,000IU of vitamin D per gram (or 200µg/g), Lalmin Vita D provides a natural, non-synthetic and safe form of the "sunshine vitamin," according to the company; it is suitable for tablets, soft gels, capsules and food fortification. Lallemand Health Ingredients,

Keep Fruit Flavor Fresh
Variations in fruit types, growing areas and processing conditions can impact the flavor of straight juice products. David Michael & Co. offers a line of Fresh Flavorsñnon-characterizing flavors that, when added to a product using fruit, build back the freshness for a "just picked" sensation, says the company. Fresh Flavors also help to reduce the slightly stale taste juice products can develop over the course of their shelflife. David Michael & Co. will work with customers' specific base ingredients in providing a Fresh Flavor that exactly matches the flavor needs of the application.  David Michael & Co.,

Micro-particle Sodium Salt
SALiTeô, developed for S K Patil & Associates Inc., by Sakharam K. Patil, PhD., and Ya-Jane Wang, professor, food science, University of Arkansas, is a low-sodium, micron to sub-micron particle ingredient made from regular salt and a bulking agent; it is a powder produced by a novel, patent-pending process designed to produce micro-particle sodium salt. It is a regular salt without substitutes, such as potassium, magnesium salts, etc. Micro-particles dissolve faster and are perceived to reduce the concentration of salt in dry snacks, where salt and spices are applied to the surface. Advantages include co-blending with spices, flavors, colors and flow agents; increased salt dispersion, while enhancing salt sensation in the mouth; and stability in topical applications, with increased shelflife. S K Patil & Associates Inc., 219-922-1033,,

On the Road
Puratos is taking to the road with a fully-equipped, mobile sensory analysis lab that will travel around the U.S. and Canada this year. Able to conduct tailor-made sensory analysis projects for Puratos' customers, the Sensobus will collect data from consumers in pre-defined locations, as they are on their way to or from daily food shopping trips. This spacious, mobile sensory laboratory creates a comfortable environment for consumers to share their opinions about everyday food needs. Approximately 300 consumers can take part in food research questions per day, according to Puratos; it is the company's mission to gain the opinions of over 25,000 in the unit's first year of operation. Puratos Corporation, 800-654-0036,

Fragrances, Flavors and Beyond
Bell Flavors & Fragrances has compiled two different flavor and fragrance lists that will help developers understand consumer demands in 2011--and in years to come. Emerging fragrance notes include: jasmine sambac; white patchouli; rich balsamic; English toffee; caviar luxe; lime cilantro spice; fir needles; Brazilian nut; guaiacwood; and brisk blue algae. Flavors to watch include three categories of flavor: sweet (with flavors such as chocolate soufflÈ, red velvet and caramel macchiato); beverage flavors (blood orange, coconut water and rambutan); and savory flavors (black garlic, aged cayenne pepper, truffle oil). Bell Flavors & Fragrances,

Unique Gelling Performance
CP Kelco's KELCOGELÆ Gellan Gum has been listed as an allowable ingredient for use in organic foods and beverages by the USDA National Organic Program, under the guidelines established by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). The CP Kelco regulatory and technical groups worked closely with the committee members of the NOSB to make sure they had the proper information to make this ruling. KELCOGEL Gellan Gum has unique suspension and versatile gelling performance that allows food and beverage manufactures to develop products with attributes demanded by today's consumers. Approved products are non-GMO, kosher- and halal-certified and can be used in vegetarian applications. CP Kelco, 630-355-2874,

Promoting Good Health
Marks & Spencer has launched a new Super Juice drink which helps health-conscious consumers to lower their cholesterol, says the company. The Red Grape, Blueberry and Blackcurrant Super Juice, which hit shelves in the UK this week, is boosted by the addition of PromOatô, the oat beta glucan soluble fiber ingredient from Swedish company Biovelop AB. PromOat is a versatile, functional ingredient that enables the well-recognized health benefits of oats to be incorporated into a broad spectrum of foods and drinks, thereby opening up many exciting opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to help tackle these health issues in a natural way--and it does not require consumers to alter their eating habits. Biovelop AB,

Whey Powder Replacement
Proliant's VersiLacÆ is exactly the solution food researchers and purchasing managers need when facing expensive corn, whey, sugar and even cocoa prices, says Proliant. Launched in 2009, VersiLacÆ results from a unique combination of raw material capability and a state-of-the-art, high-quality, food-grade manufacturing process. Proliant Dairy has successfully completed several application research studies demonstrating VersiLac's ability to replace 100% of whey powder in applications like brownies, pizza crust, ice cream and cheese sauce, to name a few. Besides formula versatility, VersiLac also provides customers with label flexibility and an economical opportunity to improve a product's consumer appeal.  Proliant Dairy Inc.,

Sodium Concepts
DairiConcepts' Ascentraô was developed to meet the increasing need of food manufacturers to reduce the sodium content in foods, yet offer flavors at full potential. Ascentra is a powdered ingredient that can lower sodium content by 25-50% in a broad range of food systems, as it boosts salt perception, savory nuances and umami effects, claims the company. Made from a proprietary, milk-based fermentation process, Ascentra has been developed to include kosher- and EU-certified versions of the base products, available on maltodextrin or non-fat dry milk carriers. Ascentra does not contain MSG, hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP) or yeast extract, so consumer foods can be produced with a clean label and "reduced-sodium" and/or "gluten-free" declarations. DairiConcepts,

 Mighty Blueberries 
Adding Van Drunen Farms' (VDF) Freeze-dried Blueberry ingredients to food products can turn ordinary foods into desirable treats. VDF's Freeze-dried Blueberry ingredients are grown in North America with a growing season from April-September, but the freeze-dried feature makes them able to be enjoyed any time of the year. VDF's Freeze-dried Blueberries are 100% natural; during freeze-drying, the cell structure of the berries remains intact--preserving the nutritional value, color, flavor and piece identity of the product better than other drying methods, says the company. They are available in whole, sliced, diced and powder form; wild and cultivated varieties; and certified-organic and kosher. Van Drunen Farms, 815-472-3100,

Wise Sodium Reduction
The U.S.'s 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans includes, among other recommendations, a reduction in sodium intake. Cargill has a range of solutions that can be used to reduce sodium content in foods and beverages. They include the SaltWiseÆ sodium-reduction system, which the company claims maintains salty flavor in foods and beverages, while reducing sodium 25-50%; Premierô potassium chloride and Premierô light salt, which are effective in reducing sodium in food and beverages; and AlbergerÆ brand flake salt, which provides increased surface area and low-bulk density (with 33% less sodium per volume vs. granulated salt). Cargill,

Expanding Organics
Garuda International Inc. has continued to expand its organic line and now offers Organic Agave Syrup that is both NOP USA, as well as EC European-certified. A short list of the company's organic ingredients includes: Agave Syrup (low-glycemic index); B-CANô 70% Oat Beta Glucan; 85-95% Agave Inulin Fiber; Jerusalem Artichoke Flour (FOS); Quinoa & Amaranth Flour; Citrus Peel Fibers; and Nopal Fiber/Flour. Garuda also produces other conventional ingredients for the health-nutraceutical, beverage and food industries. Garuda International Inc., 559-594-4380,

Cooking up Adventure
Burrowing out of the recession, consumers will be exploring more exotic territory in the quest for unique flavors and nourishing foods in 2011. The Center for Culinary Development (CCD) and Packaged Facts have identified eight culinary trends that will be attracting adventurous diners and influencing product development this year. These trends will be profiled in 2011 issues of the bi-monthly Culinary Trend Mapping Report. The trends are identified in stages, from Stage 1--emerging from independent restaurants--to Stage 5--those that have landed in the mainstream. The Culinary Trend Mapping Report is co-published by the Center for Culinary Development and Packaged Facts. For the more information on this report and subscription information, go to Packaged Facts, 800-298-5294,; Center for Culinary Development,

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* TIC Gums named Amy McDonald vice president of sales.
* John Thorpe was appointed president of Grain Processing Corporation, which also added Marco Vazquez as sales manager of its Mexico office.
* Sethness Products Company introduced its newest Class I Powdered Caramel Color.
* ADM announced "a major endowment" to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to help the developing world preserve more of the millions of metric tons of grains that are lost each year to pests, disease, mishandling and other factors.
* D.D. Williamson added Jason Armao to its Science and Innovation team as application project manager.
* Sargento Foods Inc. appointed Brian Riesterer as senior research scientist and hired Dan Riste as senior national account sales manager to new and existing accounts in Texas and Colorado.
* Burgundy Botanical Extracts and P.L. Thomas announced an agreement for PLT to market and sell Burgundy's botanical extracts for food and dietary supplements in the U.S. and Canada.
* C. Peter Moodie has been appointed president of Enzyme Development Corporation.
* Pamela's Products added Lorraine Hood to its advisory board.
* NuVal LLC appointed Mike Nugent general manager.
* Stephanie Lynch is now vice president of sales and marketing for International Dehydrated Foods Inc. and American Dehydrated Foods