Vegetarian Omega-3 Ingredient

LycoRed Ltd., Israel, launched a new and innovative, vegetarian omega-3--Lyc-O-Mega 10 AL. This outstanding ingredient is free from fish odor and produced only from the highest quality DHA algae oil, making it especially suitable for vegetarians. LycoRed's Lyc-O-mega 10AL is designed especially for the bakery and confectionery industries. Trials have been conducted successfully in chocolates, crackers and bread that were fortified with Lyc-O-Mega 10AL. The chocolate tablet (5g), for example, contains 5mg of DHA, which is one third of the recommended daily consumption, without affecting its taste profile. LycoRed's microencapsulation technology enables fortification of baked goods which traditionally could be fortified with omega-3. LycoRed Ltd.,

Analyze and Select
Ingredients Solutions has added a Texture Technologies TA.XTPlus ( to its Applications Laboratory in Waldo, Maine. The new texture analyzer will be used as a QA and product development tool. The TA.XTPlus provides sophisticated texture analysis on hydrocolloid gels, plus a wide range of finished food products, including processed meats, dairy products and snack foods. The Texture Analyzer will be made available to ISI customers to aid in selecting the best hydrocolloid system for their applications. Ingredients Solutions specializes in carrageenans, alginates, xanthan and TextuRiteô Texture Systems. Ingredients Solutions Inc., 651-762-1712,

Emerging Nutrition Gaps in an Affluent World
During the Second World Congress of Public Health Nutrition held in Portugal, September 2010, several new and pending studies were presented that show clear evidence that poor nutrition is growing in affluent countries, despite widespread consumer access to nutritious foods and nutritional education campaigns, as reported on DSM organized a forum at the congress to discuss this critical health issue; it is an area where DSM has been active in developing a variety of nutritional products. Studies undertaken in a number of European countries and in North America reveal that adult intakes for a significant number of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, E, D and folate, are well below the recommended intakes. Soon to be published data from the HELENA study, which investigated the micronutrient status of European adolescents, also shows there is reason for concern amongst the younger generation. To see the complete version of this article, go to:

Optimize Formulations and Yield
Glanbia Nutritionals is expanding its OptiSolô portfolio with OptiSolô 5000, an all-natural, flax-based ingredient that optimizes formulations and yield in a range of applications, including breads, sweet baked goods, tortillas and pasta. A highly functional ingredient with strong hydrocolloid properties, OptiSol 5000 is designed to enhance texture and extend stability. The range of ingredients helps food formulators in development of gluten-free bread and sweet baked goods by offering a moisture-management tool. Optimizing moisture retention gives bread a soft, moist texture and maintains product quality over a longer shelflife. Glanbia Nutritionals, 608-329-2800,

Specialty Rice Bran
Ribus, makers of specialty ingredients and a leader in rice (bran and hull) utilization, has ingredients that offer a rare combination of cost savings and label friendliness that gives products a strategic and competitive advantage in a wide variety of applications. The company's NuBAKEÆ line delivers the necessary functionality for baking products; Nu-FLACÆ is a flavor carrier that replaces maltodextrin or other carriers as a non-soluble plating substrate; and Nu-FLOWÆ effectively replaces silicone dioxide (and other synthetics) in systems requiring anti-caking or flow aids. All are available as natural or organic, and no allergen statement is required. Ribus Inc.,, 314-727-4287,

A recent article at examined whether or not restaurant customers will pay more for locally produced menu items. Not only are restaurant patrons willing to pay more for meals prepared with produce and meat from local providers, the proportion of customers preferring local meals actually increases, when the price increases, according to a team of international researchers. A recent study of how customers perceive and value local food shows restaurant patrons prefer meals made with local ingredients, when they are priced slightly higher than meals made with non-local ingredients. The research will appear in the fall/winter issue of the International Journal of Revenue Management. Value cues--signals that attract increased attention from consumers--may influence the customers' preference for the higher-priced local option. The results indicate that the main value cue of local food for customers is its freshness. To see the complete version of this article, go to:

Gluten-free is Key
American Key Food Products (AKFP) announced the application for a patent for its gluten-free King Lion Premium Cassava Flour and the proprietary manufacturing process developed by the company. AKFP also has begun commercial production of the specialty flour. Derived from cassava root, which is naturally gluten-free, King Lion Premium Cassava Flour has superior moisture-retention properties, with baking performance characteristics that closely mimic wheat flour in the structure, texture and taste of the finished baked goods. Bakers can now deliver excellent gluten-free products, without complex combinations of flours, starches and hydrocolloids, and present a greatly simplified, consumer-friendly ingredient statement on their label, says the company. American Key Food Products, 800-767-0237,

Crystal Clear Choice
Comax Flavors has recently applied its advanced flavor development technologies to creating a new, reduced-cost oak extract that is as clear as water. It can be used anywhere fluid extract, solid extract, distillate or essence is used. According to the company, the TTB Natural Oak Fluid Extract Type Flavor can be used to replace oak fluid extract in most formulations. The flavor can also substitute for some or all of the oak extract in an alcoholic beverage product, where the standard of identity does not apply, with no limitations on usage. This product can be used virtually anywhere an oak impact is desired and is a cost-effective way of giving spirits the sophisticated complexities of aged-in-oak quality. Comax Flavors,

Off to Buffalo
Burke Corporation, maker of fully-cooked meat products, has announced the launch of its new, fully cooked Buffalo-Style Chicken Breast Strips under its MagniFoodsÆ brand.Foodservice and industrial operations now have another choice to meet customer demand for the popular flavor of Buffalo-style chicken wings. Burke's new product features juicy, tender chicken breast strips, coated with a blend of traditional, Buffalo-style seasonings and oven-baked, eliminating the mess of self-seasoning and the worries of raw poultry. A boneless, skinless product without breading, they appeal to the demographic that is seeking healthier alternatives, without sacrificing taste. Burke Corporation, 800-654-1152,

Cheese Tool to Adjust Sodium
Kraft Food Ingredients Corp.'s (KFIC) Pasteurized Cheddar Blend RS is designed to give manufacturers a tool that can  adjust sodium in applications to such levels that they can add back salt to achieve desired taste. Pasteurized Cheddar Blend RS has the added benefit of no added salt or sodium phosphates. KFIC featured a Sodium Controlled Broccoli Cheese Soup at one 2010 expo that offered 20% less sodium compared to soups made with other cheeses. Preliminary internal testing of this new cheese tool has resulted in 20% less sodium in application use, compared to other natural or process cheeses. Kraft Food Ingredients Corp., 847-646-4538,

Enhancing Sweetness Flavoring
Wild-harvested from the West African rain forests comes TalinÆ (thaumatin). This low-calorie, natural protein is physically extracted from the Katemfe Fruit, Thaumatococcus daniellii, and is offered by Naturex. Functioning as a flavor modifier, Talin has a wide range of applications in supplements, foods and drinks, particularly in the fields of flavor modification and flavor enhancement. Talin was granted the Best Innovative Stevia Product award at Malta Stevia 2010 Conference.  "This award underlines the remarkable potential of Talin in masking the taste of stevia," said Justin Lord, Talin business manager. Naturex, pf