Bakery goods are indulgent, yet they can be formulated to have less fat and calories to appeal to today’s more health-conscious consumers.

Puratos has developed Puraslim, a fat alternative that improves the nutritional values of breads and cakes by lowering calories and fat, while keeping the taste. A consumer survey conducted by Insites*, on behalf of Puratos, showed about 50% of U.S. consumers frequently check nutritional and ingredient information on packaged foods. The survey also indicated that when respondents read nutritional information, they mainly check the fat (60%) and calorie levels (52%). The participants also said they would eat more baked goods, if they were reduced in fat and/or calories, and expressed they would like to see more of these kinds of baked goods.

Puraslim is a functional paste that reduces the level of saturated and total fat in baked goods and mimics all the functionalities of traditional fats, such as softness, texture and shelflife. For breads, the total fat reduction can amount to 70%, allowing nutritional claims such as “low in fat,” “0g trans fat per serving” and “reduced fat” in rolls, pan bread, tortillas and buns. The ingredient can reduce total fat up to 50% in cakes and muffins, allowing claims like “reduced fat” in sweet goods, such as loaf cakes, ring cakes, muffins and brownies. pf

* Survey was conducted in five countries (Spain, Italy, the UK, U.S. and Japan), among 2,000 consumers (500 respondents per country) in January 2010.

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