February 2012/Prepared Foods -- Scooter’s Coffee House recently launched a better-for-you hot cereal. Healthy Harvest Hot Multi-Grain Cereal may look and taste like traditional oatmeal, but it is made with ConAgra Mills’ Sustagrain, an all-natural, 100% whole-grain product that has three times the fiber of oats, says the company. The cereal provides customers with a delicious and healthy breakfast option. Made with Sustagrain, oats and rye, it is claimed to deliver 6g of fiber—24% of the recommended daily value—in each serving. A serving of dried fruit, which includes blueberries, cranberries, cherries and raisins, is included. Sustagrain is made from a special variety of barley that naturally has the highest fiber content of any whole grain, according to ConAgra. Scooter’s Coffee House, www.scooterscoffeehouse.com; ConAgra Mills,www.conagramills.compf