April 10/Evansville, Ind./Business Wire -- Today’s road warriors are health-conscious, more connected thanks to technology and still loyal to their perennial favorites like Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, Super 8 and Bridgestone, according to a new survey of Atlas Van Lines drivers. Now in its eighth year, Atlas Van Lines’ King of the Road Survey provides insights from the moving company’s drivers on their preferred brands, use of technology and how they stay healthy while logging miles. These findings, and many more insights from life on the road, are unveiled in the survey released today.

“Given that the majority of our professional truck drivers spend more than 30 weeks out of the year on the road, this survey is a great way to let these seasoned road warriors share their knowledge and preferences with the rest of us,” said Glen Dunkerson, chairman and CEO of Atlas World Group. “With summer vacation and road trips just around the corner, the recommendations in the King of the Road Survey can help travelers stay fit while on the road, identify the best hotel chain, food and much more.”

This year’s King of the Road survey highlights include:

Taking strides to stay healthy on the road. 57% of respondents revealed that eating right is the biggest challenge of life on the road. However, the survey indicates that drivers are doing their best to maintain a healthy diet, as fresh fruit was named the drivers’ favorite snack, and 71% reported drinking water throughout the day. For the sixth consecutive year, Subway remains the favorite fast food chain, while 9% of Atlas’ drivers reported avoiding fast food altogether. Nearly one-third state that exercising is the most difficult part to life on the road, but 27% of drivers strive to stay in shape by walking or running at truck stops, and 79% report moving furniture on the job serves as a great exercise for them.

Drivers are more connected than ever with technology. In the past three years, smartphone usage amongst drivers has increased from 14% to 60%. Drivers also mentioned that using technology like Skype and Facetime makes it easier to stay in touch with family while on the road. Three-fourths of drivers go online daily; more than three-fourths of drivers check email daily, and more than half of drivers check social networking sites daily. Computer usage while on the road has nearly doubled over the past three years, with 65% of drivers indicating they use a computer daily. Verizon Wireless is the preferred wireless network amongst drivers, and the iPhone is the drivers’ favorite smartphone.

Favorite food brands among those surveyed include:
-- Favorite fast food: Subway
-- Best coffee: Dunkin’ Donuts

 From the April 11, 2012, Prepared Foods’ Daily News