July 5/Hershey, Pa. -- According to a recent survey conducted by The Hershey Company, nearly three in five women (58%) would love to savor their chocolate without guilt. With 30% less fat compared to the average of the leading milk chocolates, new Hershey's Simple Pleasures chocolates aim to allow them to do just that, and with all the deliciousness expected from a Hershey's product. To celebrate the introduction of these new chocolates, Hershey is inviting women and men to declare their independence to enjoy all of life's simple pleasures guilt-free with the "Sweet Independence™" campaign.

"We know people love chocolate and want to live a balanced lifestyle. In fact, through a survey of more than 1,000 women, we found that declaring independence from guilt would make women feel relieved and empowered," said spokeswoman Anna Lingeris of The Hershey Company. "With Hershey's Simple Pleasures chocolates, our goal is to give chocolate lovers a reason to celebrate. We also hope that the Sweet Independence campaign will start a conversation that leaves everyone feeling better about enjoying the simple pleasures in life."

The survey also demonstrates that women feel guilty about everyday pleasures such as taking an afternoon nap in the sun or enjoying their favorite foods. Some interesting facts include:

Three in five women (58%) say that eating certain foods is the number one source of guilt; more than sleeping in (19%) or watching too much TV (28%)

At least one in five women feel guilty about things they do for themselves; including shopping (24%) or pampering (22%)

By declaring independence from guilt, women would feel the sweet sensations of motivation (72%), energy (70%), excitement (65%) and empowerment (64%)

 From the July 6, 2012, Prepared Foods Product of the Day