August 7/Evanston, Ill. -- Dubliner cheese now comes in a reduced-fat version. Kerrygold Reduced Fat Dubliner promises the flavor of the original, full-fat Dubliner, but with 30 fewer calories and 33% less fat per 1oz. serving.

Dubliner, a proprietary cheese variety and Kerrygold's best-seller in the U.S., is a cheese with complexity and heady aromas.  It has a natural hint of sweetness, elements of a mature Cheddar, the nutty taste of a Swiss and the piquant bite of an aged Parmesan. It is at once crumbly yet creamy with the aromas of fresh-baked bread layered with fresh buttermilk. The reduced-fat version is virtually indistinguishable from the original, Kerrygold claims, and avoids the plastic, waxy mouthfeel typical of reduced-fat cheeses.

Like all Kerrygold cheeses and butter, Reduced Fat Dubliner is made in Ireland with milk from grass-fed cows that are never given growth hormones. The cows are raised on small family farms; average herd size is 60.

Kerrygold Reduced Fat Dubliner is available in 7oz. parchment packages exactly like the original Dubliner, but with a blue stripe across the package to identify the reduced-fat version.