LiteFoods, Inc. says its new Neusolite™ reduces fat in fried foods by as much as 60%. Neusolite is a patented two-stage pre-soak system that uses all-natural ingredients to keep the oil from fried foods in the fryer.

In laboratory testing, University of Western Australia researchers prepared batches of fries cut from the same potatoes. One group was treated with a two-stage treatment of plain water, while the other experienced LiteFoods’ patented two-stage preparation. Both batches were fried side-by-side in the same fryer and the same oil for 2.45 minutes.

After the oils were extracted, the Neusolite fries contained up to 60% less fat, but with 100% of the texture and taste consumers demanded.

“People want to eat the foods they love,” says inventor Dr. Rajen Manicka. “We have a worldwide obesity epidemic with eating habits out of control. Our job is to make it healthier without sacrificing any of the flavor, taste and texture.”

LiteFoods, Inc. says it “concentrates on taking the guilt our of our ‘guilty pleasures’ while consuming comfort foods like fries, breads, sugars and salt.” It also offers natural sugar alternatives (ZeroVia™ and 80Less™) and salt reduction technology (proprietary potassium blend) and Low-Gi, a mix that reduces the glycemic index in bread by up to 40%.

—LiteFoods Inc.,