September 14/Irwindale, Cal. -- Ready Pac Foods has launched a new line of Disney-themed Ready Pac Cool Cuts salads and mini-meals. The eight-item line is geared specifically for elementary and middle school-age children and started shipping nationwide the first week of September.

The Disney-themed Ready Pac Cool Cuts line includes vegetables and/or fruit in every pack, along with other nutritious items and "an element of fun." Each variety is a nutritious version of some of kids’ favorite foods, like pizza and tacos. Four salad items, Pizzeria salad, Taco salad, Harvest salad and Caesar salad feature kid-friendly iceberg and romaine lettuces; proteins such as chicken, turkey, pepperoni and cheese; grains and dressing.  Each salad also includes a temporary tattoo that matches the Disney character on the label.  Four mini-meals also include at least one kid-sized serving of fruit or vegetables, and snack combinations including Veggies, Chicken and Pretzels; Turkey, Carrots and Cheese; Pizza Bites and Apples, Ham and Yogurt, along with a free Disney-themed sticker in each tray.  All of the items meet Disney’s strict nutritional guidelines while appealing to kids through the Disney characters and kid-friendly foods, such as alphabet pretzels and fun cheese shapes.

“There’s a huge opportunity for retailers to generate incremental sales from selling nutritious items for kids,” said Tristan Simpson, director of marketing at Ready Pac.  “These new items fit the bill with parents looking for more nutritious and convenient options for their kids.”

“Our research showed that parents are becoming more and more motivated to play an active role in their children’s health through helping them develop good eating habits,” said Simpson. “As a parent of two young boys, I know that what we buy is influenced by what is good for our kids, and I believe elementary and middle school-age kids will be asking for these new nutritious items.”