YoCrunch Greek Yogurt Range in body

January 30/Naugatuck, Conn. -- YoCrunch announced the launch of Yopa!, a new line of authentic, strained Greek yogurt. Yopa!, a contraction of Yo’ (short for yogurt) and Opa! (the Greek cheer for joy), will be available immediately nationwide for around $1.39/cup and $3.49/4-pack. Yopa!, the company claims, is the first to provide an authentic, convenient and great-tasting Greek yogurt experience that boasts a perfectly creamy, thick texture, with a slightly tart taste, and a variety of scrumptious toppings, including nine whole grain granola, toasted almonds or dark chocolate pieces.

Yopa! is the latest farm-fresh dairy product from YoCrunch, the first brand to marry toppings with high quality yogurt, and will be available in vanilla and four of the most popular fruit flavor combinations, including blueberry, strawberry, black cherry and peach.  The super-creamy, Greek non-fat yogurt, which is high in protein, is made in the traditional way and from regionally sourced milk. Yopa! celebrates its introduction with a unique “Like It or It’s Free” satisfaction guarantee. Consumers are encouraged to try Yopa! risk-free as a testament of the company’s confidence in its new product line.