The Greek Gods® brand has introduced a new addition to their lineup for 24-ounce Greek-Style Yogurts. After increasing consumer requests for a Black Cherry Greek-Style Yogurt flavor, The Greek Gods® brand decided to satisfy their fans' cravings with this delicious new taste. Black Cherry is an ideal match for the creamy, rich, yet slightly tangy Greek-Style Yogurt. 


"We are thrilled to bring our fans flavor requests to fruition with our new Black Cherry Greek-Style Yogurt. The new Black Cherry flavor is delectable," said Stephanos Margaritis, National Sales Manager of the Hain Refrigerated Foods Division. "It is a great addition to our lineup, offering a unique addition to our fruit focused flavors." The Greek Gods® Brand Greek-Style Yogurt has an irresistibly delicious taste with an assortment of flavors to please all palettes. Try adding to your favorite recipes or smoothies, with your preferred toppings or on its own. Our recommendation is a Black Cherry Greek Gods® Greek-Style yogurt parfait with granola and a mix of berries.