Not So Limited

Hellmann's MayonnaiseLimited editions continue to find their way to the market and into consumer pantries. In recent months, Hellmann’s has introduced several mayonnaise options “for a limited time only.” Hellman’s Southwestern Ranch Flavored Reduced Fat Mayonnaise promises to impart a cool, creamy ranch flavor to game-day recipes during America’s football season. Available in 9oz squeeze bottles, the mayonnaise is recommended as a component in a Southwestern salsa dip or alone as a dip for such snacks as Buffalo wings or French fries.

As Brian Orlando, senior marketing director at Hellmann’s, noted, “Consumers are looking for quick and easy recipes that can be enjoyed while tailgating at the stadium or watching the game with friends and family.”

The company’s limited-edition experiments also include the first cross-brand partnership between Hellmann’s and Frank’s RedHot. The resulting product, Hellmann’s Spicy Buffalo with Frank’s RedHot, promises the creaminess of Hellmann’s with the bold Buffalo flavor of Frank’s.

Ben Crook, senior brand manager, offered some insight into the rationale behind the limited-edition initiative at Hellmann’s: “The Hellmann’s Limited Edition line was developed to offer families the flavor variety and convenience they’re seeking to spice up their everyday dishes, while still maintaining the same taste of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.”

The limited editions joined an introduction from earlier in 2012 on store shelves. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Dressing with Olive Oil attempts to capitalize on the inherent healthy perception of olive oil, as the developers “fine-tuned” the olive oil-mayo recipe to include 50% more olive oil, but with no discernible alteration to the product’s flavor.

Lori Norian, senior brand manager at Hellmann’s, explains: “We take great pride in listening to our consumers, so we’re always focused on creating the best-tasting products that enhance everyday meals. Our mayonnaise dressing with olive oil is made with high-quality ingredients, like olive oil, cage-free eggs and vinegar.”


Healthy Growth

Hellmann’s efforts to bolster the healthy appeal of its mayonnaise are in line with data indicating consumers are increasingly seeking healthy dining options. In fact, SymphonyIRI’s “2012 Annual Consumer Survey” finds 87% of American consumers are trying to eat more healthfully.

Furthermore, 43% of respondents are snacking three to four times per day, well ahead of the 24% doing so in 2009. “Better for you” claims led the way in driving snack sales (37%), followed closely by the 35% bearing dietary restriction claims.

SymphonyIRI’s “Food and Beverage Health Claims TrendSpotting” report has grouped 30 health-claim classifications into five macro categories: “better for you,” dietary restriction, condition-specific, natural and energy.

While “better for you” and dietary restriction may have led the way, the energy group managed the most rapid growth over the past year, with an 8% jump