February 27/New York/Fox News -- According to a recent survey by Public Policy Polling of 500 registered voters, 39% of respondents found the Olive Garden to be a "quality source of authentic ethnic food." Some 44% thought it was not, and 17% were unsure. Public Policy Polling broke it down according to party line and revealed that 43% of Republicans claimed Olive Garden was authentic, compared with 41% of Democrats.  By gender, 41% of women and 37% of men thought it to be authentic.

The pressing issue of the Olive Garden was not the only hot button food subject polled.  The very important item of which was America's favorite pizza topping came up.  Pepperoni is by far America’s most favorite pizza topping at 27%, followed by mushrooms at 14%, sausage at 12% and bacon at 10%.

Also with sequestration just days away,  the poll asked which restaurant had the best chicken.  It turns out that 48% of Republicans like Chick-fil-A over the 29% who like KFC better. Democrats, at 39%, like KFC to Chick-fil-A at 18%.