March 6/Hyannis, Mass. -- When it comes to Cape Cod Potato Chips, sometimes less is more. This month the New England brand adds 40% Less Fat Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper to its lineup of reduced fat kettle-cooked chips. A spin-off from the classic salt and pepper flavor, the small-batch crafted kettle chip delivers the distinctive taste and crunch that Cape Cod is known for, but with 40% less fat than the leading brand of regular potato chips.

Cape Cod's 40% Less Fat Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper chips are made with real sea salt and a blend of peppercorns, including a slightly sweet premium white pepper. When added to the robust potato flavor and hearty crunch of a Cape Cod Potato Chip, this reduced fat snack is hard to resist.

Like all Cape Cod reduced fat varieties, 40% Less Fat Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper chips are kettle-cooked in 100% canola oil with no trans fat and contain no chemical additives or dehydrated potato flakes. The chips are made from fresh sliced potatoes, which are flash baked and spun to remove excess oil. This natural method of reducing the fat content ensures that the chips have the same unmistakable crunch and bold flavor as the original varieties. The new product joins the existing family of reduced fat chips offered by Cape Cod:

  • 40% Reduced Fat Original
  • 40% Less Fat Sea Salt & Vinegar
  • 40% Less Fat Sweet Mesquite Barbeque
  • 40% Less Fat Aged Cheddar & Sour Cream

In addition to these reduced fat varieties, Cape Cod's snack offerings also include half a dozen varieties of Original kettle-cooked potato chip flavors, as well as Waffle Cut and Chef's Recipe chip varieties. All Cape Cod Potato Chips are all-natural and preservative-free.

An 8oz. bag of the new 40% Less Fat variety retails around $3.79 and can be found at major retailers or ordered online at