greek kefir bottle, heliosLifeway Foods Inc. has taken its Helios Organic Kefir into the ever-popular Greek arena with a new formulation. The reformulated product promises extra protein power, the richness of honey and a new identity: Helios Greek Kefir. 
The line also features a new Pear & Honey flavor, featuring the same probiotic, non-fat and organic benefits as the original Helios kefir products. However, the protein content in the reformulated line has jumped from 12g to 16g per 1-cup serving, filling a dual purpose: promoting fullness and aiding vegetarians who are “protein-challenged,” as the company terms it. The Helios Greek products specifically promote their extra protein and sweeter, richer flavor profile. Meanwhile, Lifeway assures its original kefir retains its tart and tangy flavor.