yoplait pro-force bottle, new product, yoplaitStonyfield is not alone in marketing a Greek yogurt product to younger consumers. But, for its launch of Pro-Force under its Yoplait brand, General Mills opted to aim for a slightly older consumer. Pro-Force is a Greek yogurt with twice the protein of leading kids’ yogurts, the company notes, and is available in two flavors: Strawberry Blast and Mixed Berry Burst. 
The line specifically targets active tweens and stems from a realization that these individuals need a higher protein content. As Ashley Karr, Yoplait Kids associate marketing manager, notes, “However, tweens really don’t think Greek yogurt tastes good, so we created a product that is colorful, creamy and flavorful, while delivering the nutritional benefits of Greek yogurt.” Each 3.5oz serving promises 9g of protein and no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.