It has become a global trend. Food and beverage manufacturers are reformulating; eliminating artificial colors; and replacing them with natural alternatives. 
Diana, Food Division has responded and developed natural coloring solutions for various applications, including beverages, dairy products, confections, cereals and even prepared, cooked meats. Diana offers replacement solutions for artificial colors and carmine.
The Diana Colour’Impact  line combines Diana’s expertise in tailor-made, formulated solutions and the company’s control of supply chain through agronomy, sourcing and production management. Diana, Food Division is known for upstream integration in some key color sources (including variety selection at the plant-seed level), involving varieties such as beetroot, purple carrot, blackcurrant, orange carrot, pumpkin and yellow carrots.
Officials say the Diana Colour’Impact line covers a full color palette, including red, yellow and orange, which represents most of the market demand.
Diana achieves its red color with pigments from red fruits, like grape, blackcurrant and elderberry; as well as vegetables, such as purple carrot, red cabbage and red radish. Anthocyanin pigments provide red-to-purple shades in an acidic environment (juice, nectars). However, in higher-pH values associated with dairy products (pH 5-6.5), the pigment is affected and moves to a shade of purple-blue. Betanin, the pigment naturally found in beetroot, also is gaining popularity and can be used in dairy products (near neutral in pH) and even more acidic products.
For yellow-orange shades, Diana Colour’Impact includes a range of solutions made of carotenoids from pumpkin, bell peppers, yellow and orange carrots, and other sources. Most carotenoids resist heat and the standard range of pH encountered in foods and beverages. Diana also sources natural colors from annatto, and these colors are widely used in processed cheese; while color from turmeric is commonly used in snack products.
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