carrotsConsumers are increasingly interested in simpler, more transparent labels on foods and beverages. That’s why Kalsec offers carotenes from carrot extract as a natural color source.

In a recent survey, eight of 10 consumers expressed a preference and said they preferred carrot extract on their food or beverage ingredient label versus beta-carotene. 

“Based on many current ingredient labeling standards, consumers cannot distinguish if their food and beverages contain a natural or chemically derived beta-carotene color source.  Carrot extract allows food and beverage processors to provide what consumers want: a clearly identified, natural color source,” says Carol Locey, natural colors product director.

Other natural carotenes can be challenging due to their variability, stability, and storage and handling requirements.  Fruit and vegetable juices, for example, can create inconsistent color expression in food and beverages as seen on grocery store shelves. 

Kalsec, a leading global supplier of carrot extract, says it is fully integrated from “field to fork.” It controls all aspects of seed development, growing and manufacturing.  This removes crop variability ensuring consistent carrot extract quality.

Kalsec carrot extracts are also available with Durabrite stabilization technology for improved shelf-life stability in a wide range of applications. Officials say Kalsec carrot extracts are ideal replacements for Yellow 5 & 6, mixed carotenoids and synthetic beta-carotene.


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