breaded fishTrident Seafoods’ PubHouse line of craft- beer battered seafood portions now features two new species: haddock and shrimp. Highlighting the introduction of real beer to the crispy blond coating, Trident has designated the new line “PubHouse Golden Ale.” This beer-battered line already featured pollock and cod. In addition to its traditional light color, real beer flavor and crispy texture, Tridents says new Golden Ale batter is formulated to hold up to the heat and maintain a “hot-from-the-fryer crunch” until served. Golden Ale haddock and cod come in five portion sizes, ranging from 2oz to 8oz (for cod), to a 10oz portion for haddock. Serving options include a basket of small bites for bar food or tacos, or a generous portion to cover the plate as a dinner entrée.