McDonald's Wings in body

August 27/Oak Brook, Ill. -- McDonald's wings will be introduced across the fast food chain's restaurants across the nation in a revamp of the giant's domestic menu, according to reports.

McDonald's chief executive officer Don Thompson announced the menu change-up, which will see bone-in chicken wings be introduced into its stores across the country, placing it even more directly in competition with other fast food chicken stores such as KFC and Popeye's.

McDonald's will start to see the Mighty Wings from September 9, and the new product should be in all its stores nationwide by September 24. Ofelia Casillas, a McDonald's spokeswoman, said in an e-mail that the chicken will stay on sale until the end of November.

Thompson, McDonald's CEO since July 2012, has been looking to boost sales in the U.S. over the past year and has not been afraid of revamping the franchise's traditional menu.

McDonald's has approximately 14,100 locations across the U.S., and the company is hoping to increase profitability at home over the coming months.

The fast food restaurant will be flavoring its chicken wings with cayenne and chili pepper and serve them with sauces including creamy ranch, honey mustard and tangy barbecue.