smoothie, single-mix drinkSmoothie Inc., Denver, says its Smoo brand smoothies, shakes and frappés feature a proprietary single-mix pack technology. For example, its five smoothie varieties come in individual (no waste) packs, each with ice and all-natural, low-fat frozen yogurt or sorbet, juice and real fruit pieces. While competing products require juice, milk, yogurt or ice, the Smoo pack only needs water, and staff can easily prepare smoothies in fewer than 60 seconds with no waste. Smoothie varieties include Mango (with yogurt), Strawberry-Banana (with yogurt), Caribbean, Mango and Strawberry. Shake and Frappe varieties include Chocolate and Vanilla Bean shakes, as well as Mocha Frappes. Smoothie Inc., part of the Barfresh Food Group, says it also can create custom flavor blends.