Campbell Soup Company, Camden, N.J., has put its beloved SpaghettiO’s in a convenient new snack-size microwaveable tray. With an easy-to-peel lid and no metal, new SpaghettiOs MicrOs can be ready in just two minutes.

“Kids have loved the great taste of SpaghettiOs for nearly 50 years. Now, moms will love how quickly they can prepare their child’s favorite flavor with our new microwaveable packaging,” says Dale Clemiss, vice president of Simple Meals at Campbell Soup. “Just like the original, new SpaghettiOs MicrOs offer the same great taste in an ultra-convenient snack-size portion that moms can feel good about serving.”

New SpaghettiOs MicrOs are available in four flavors: SpaghettiOs Original, SpaghettiOs with Meat Sauce, SpaghettiOs with Franks and SpaghettiOs CheeseburgerOs.