Daiya expanded its line of plant-based offerings to include a new Greek Yogurt Alternative. With previous offerings spanning the lunch, dinner and snack categories, Daiya can now add 'breakfast' to its list, with the Greek Yogurt Alternative boasting 8 grams of protein and available in four flavors, including peach, strawberry, black cherry and blueberry.

"Since hitting grocery shelves nearly six weeks ago, sales are significantly exceeding our expectations," said Michael Lynch, Daiya vice president of marketing. "This is a strong testament to the growing demand for plant-based options and also demonstrates we're meeting a real consumer need."

Made from a signature blend featuring coconut, vegetable oil and pea protein, the smooth and creamy Greek Yogurt Alternative is bursting with real fruit. Health-minded individuals or people on the go can enjoy it as a standalone meal or snack, or as a complement to a favorite recipe, from parfaits to smoothies.

"Daiya prides itself in offering better-for-you versions of the everyday foods people love to eat," added Lynch. "Whenever we go into the test kitchen, our goal is to enable people to enjoy the wonderful experience of dairy without any compromise. This rich and creamy Greek Yogurt Alternative delivers the taste and texture of traditional yogurt, along with better nutrition that today's mindful consumers crave."