U-Vend, Inc. a consumer products and technology company that develops, distributes and markets next-generation self-serve electronic kiosks in a variety of retail environments across North America announced today that as Del Monte® Foods' exclusive U.S. provider of its healthy fruit snack and squeezer self-serve kiosks and merchandisers, the Company has begun the roll-out of its kiosks in the Chicago territory. 


"This represents the first installation of Del Monte Foods' healthy fruit snack and squeezer vending kiosks in the USA, and we are eager to showcase to consumers the high-quality, healthy products available from Del Monte Foods," stated Paul Neelin, Chief Operating Officer of U-Vend, Inc. "The transition to healthy vending is evident, and the industry shift is being shaped by passionate consumer demand. Consumers are much more informed now, and they are looking for healthy food choices throughout the day. U-Vend is positioning itself to become a recognized industry leader and fulfill that demand with strong, globally-recognized partners," added Neelin.

U-Vend, Inc.'s agreement with Del Monte Foods was previously announced on October 14, 2014 and provides the Company with the exclusive right to install U-Vend self-serve kiosks and merchandisers retailing Del Monte Foods' line of fruit snacks and squeezers, such as Del Monte Foods Fruit Naturals® cups and Del Monte Foods Fruit Burst® squeezers, in high-traffic retail settings across the U.S.

Del Monte Foods Fruit Naturals® cups: www.delmonte.com/snacks/refrigerated-fruit

Del Monte Foods Fruit Burst® squeezers: www.delmonte.com/fruits/fruit-burst-squeezers

The Del Monte Foods self-serve kiosks can be fully-managed remotely, allowing kiosk operators the ability to go on-line and check sales, bank deposits, inventory controls, change advertisements and promotions on the digital screen, and reorder new stock around the clock, from anywhere, anytime.