Nutrisystem, Inc., Fort Washington, Pa., announced the nationwide launch of Fast 5+.


Officials say Fast 5+ is week one of the “Nutrisystem My Way” program designed to help customers lose five pounds—plus one inch off their waist in their first week of dieting or their money back guaranteed. Scientific evidence suggests a key predictor of long-term weight loss success is early results, which Fast 5+ delivers.


"Fast 5+ will make its commercial debut on December 26 for Diet Season 2015," says Keira Krausz, chief marketing officer.  "It will be supported by integrated marketing and advertising campaigns.  Nutrisystem also will feature celebrity ambassadors including Marie Osmond, Dan Marino and Melissa Joan Hart plus many additional customers who have had success using the Nutrisystem program, across campaigns."


Officials say Fast 5+ includes …


… one week of specially selected meals with new food selections for 2015;

… one week of Energi-ZING™ shakes to rev metabolism and craving crusher™ shakes to curb afternoon cravings;

… and expert guides including "6 Super Vegetables," "7 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles" and "21 Tips for Winning Weight Loss" designed to help customers stay on track.


"A third-party clinical test, sponsored by Nutrisystem, supports the effectiveness of the Fast 5™ kits," adds Dr. Anthony Fabricatore, clinical psychologist and head of the Nutrisystem research and development team. "With Fast 5+, customers will see results in the first week, which in turn should motivate and empower them to continue their weight loss journey."


Officials say Nutrisystem My Way is personalized to meet individual health goals and continues to be consistent with national guidelines for dietary intake meeting targets for fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol and fiber as well as national guidelines for physical activity. Nutrisystem offers customers the most meal choices, including more than 100 foods that contain no artificial preservatives or artificial flavors. In the first quarter of 2015, Nutrisystem also says it will announce the addition of nearly half a dozen more foods to its menu.


Also available this year is Nutricurb™, a dietary supplement, which delivers an ingredient that stimulates your body's natural appetite-regulating mechanisms to help keep hunger down.


Since April 2013, Nutrisystem kits have been available at Walmart in both the diet and diabetic section. The line has recently expanded beyond multi-day kits to now include bars, shakes and breakfast items for a total of 15 products. Nutrisystem also has committed to several other retail outlets for Diet Season 2015, including an "in and out" display in Sam's Club locations nationwide.