Based on the philosophy that it should be easier for families to live well within their budgets, the Wild Harvest® brand is unveiling a new, refreshed brand positioning, logo and packaging graphics, supported by a new, fully integrated marketing campaign titled “Eat Free. Go Wild.™” 


In addition, the brand, which was launched in 2008 and currently features more than 300 products in 60 categories ranging from fresh produce, dairy and meat to cereals, pastas, snacks and baby foods, is expanding its product lineup in 2015 and will be introducing nearly 200 new items this year.

As part of the brand refresh, Wild Harvest will shift to new “free from” messaging that addresses consumers’ desire for clearer ingredients statements. All Wild Harvest products are free from more than 100 undesirable ingredients, including artificial and synthetic ingredients, and nearly 70 percent of its products are certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

“Research shows that many consumers are skeptical of label claims, especially around the term ‘natural,’ and they often believe that organic equates to expensive,” said David Young, SUPERVALU’s vice president of private brands. “While the Wild Harvest brand has always been about delivering great quality, affordable, better-for-you food choices, this refresh will make it easier for shoppers to find Wild Harvest products at their neighborhood grocery store that help them live a healthy lifestyle.”

A fresh, affordable way to eat better

In addition to a new line of hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats and poultry launched in the fall of 2014, Wild Harvest will introduce the following new items this year:

• Five new Wild Harvest Italian frozen prepared meals, made with authentic Italian sauces and premium pasta or rice

• 14 new Wild Harvest frozen vegetable offerings with sauce and ancient grains, five of which are vegan varieties: Oriental Pearl Pasta with Vegetables, Mediterranean Potatoes, Grilled Vegetables, Bulgur Quinoa with Vegetables, and White & Red Quinoa with Vegetables

• Wild Harvest single-serve coffee K-cups to complement the Wild Harvest bagged coffee offering

• New Wild Harvest cereals, appetizers and veggie burgers

Refreshed logo, product packaging and new “Eat Free. Go Wild.” campaign

The Wild Harvest brand refresh brings subtle visual changes to the logo and packaging that make it easier for shoppers to find Wild Harvest products throughout the store. The updated logo delivers a positive, clean aesthetic that calls to mind the warmth of the sun and nature, and the product packaging redesign features bright new graphics with a vibrant field of green reminiscent of fresh grass. The refreshed design helps convey that any flavors or colors added to Wild Harvest products are derived from natural, not synthetic sources. Each product package also will prominently display the new “free from” messaging. In addition, the Wild Harvest website has been updated to coincide with the brand refresh.

The “Eat Free. Go Wild.” integrated marketing campaign will feature digital advertisements, as well as new in-store signage and merchandising, public relations support and community outreach events. The campaign brings to life the organic and healthy lifestyle in a fun, imaginative and creative way by conveying to consumers that it’s easy to “Eat Free. Go Wild.” no matter what your age — whether it’s a kid who’s “wild about food that’s free from stuff I can’t say” or a mom who’s “wild about better food at better prices.”