Lindt225.jpgLindt USA has introduced Creation, a new line of filled specialty bars inspired by decadent desserts.

"As one of the only premium chocolate companies to expertly craft decadent, filled bars, we are thrilled to introduce the Creation collection, taking the chocolate tasting experience to a new, sophisticated level," says Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja. "Every Lindt Creation bar features rich, indulgent fillings, inspired by classic dessert recipes."

Taking its cue from the growing trend of classic dessert-driven innovations, Lindt’s Creation line promises to offer the “ultimate indulgence” without burdening consumers with time-consuming recipes.

Instead, they can experience four classic dessert flavors on the go with these new bars, made of indulgent centers enrobed in milk and dark chocolate.

  • Lindt Creation Crème Brûlée: Rich milk chocolate filled with silky crème and caramelized sugar crystals
  • Lindt Creation Molten Lava Cake: Decadent milk chocolate surrounding a velvety chocolate center and dark chocolate truffle layer
  • Lindt Creation Hazelnut Torte: Indulgent milk chocolate featuring a crunchy hazelnut and almond filling
  • Lindt Creation Mint Coulis: Premium dark chocolate filled with a mint center and vanilla truffle layer, sprinkled with crunchy bits of chocolate

As part of the Creation line’s launch, Lindt has also planned a promotional campaign. During the week of February 16, the company will unveil more information about the new line on its Lindt Unwrapped Blog as well as hold a one-day sweepstakes for Facebook and Twitter users who engage using #LindtCREATIONWeek. Participants will have the chance to win exclusive prize packs of Creation bars.

The 3.5-oz. bars are currently available at Lindt Chocolate Shops, online at and at Target for a suggested retail price of $2.79.