Superberries225.jpgSuperberries introduced a daily wellness shot. The natural product features the superfruit, the Aroniaberry and another natural powerhouse the Acerola berry.

The daily wellness shot combines two of nature’s powerful berries, the Aroniaberry known for its antioxidants and the Acerola berry known for its Vitamin C. Science has confirmed diets rich in antioxidants can help maintain good health.

“There’s much consumer interest for 2 oz. shots. Superberries is proud to offer our Aroniaberry+ Daily Wellness Shot that combines the powerful nutrients of the Aroniaberry, Acerola berry and Green Tea,” said Superberries Marketing Director, Tammy Ross. “Our product is convenient, organic and natural without the souped-up artificial ingredients that you see in the market today. And, it tastes amazing! This is something you will want to add to your daily routine.”

As with all of Superberries products, the Aroniaberry+ Daily Wellness Shot is made from the antioxidant-rich Aroniaberry. Aroniaberries, also known as the chokeberry, has over four times more antioxidants than blueberries. The berry provides balanced protection against the five most common free radicals. The wellness shot packs only 60 calories; is USDA certifi­ed organic; and includes only organic sweeteners and ingredients.

The other natural powerhouse featured in the product is the Acerola berry. This small dark red berry, sometimes called the Barbados cherry, is also native to North and South America. It has a sweet/sour taste and has 32 times the Vitamin C of an average glass of orange juice. Vitamin C has many benefits for overall health. The Superberries Aroniaberry+ Daily Wellness shots will be available in health food, grocery, and convenience stores and online at